Toni Aberson - It's A Breeze 42 Lively English Lessons on American Idioms

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Toni Aberson - It's A Breeze 42 Lively English Lessons on American Idioms

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Toni Aberson, "It's A Breeze: 42 Lively English Lessons on American Idioms"
2012 | EPUB | 200 pages | ISBN: 098479851X | English | 0.8 MB

He's wet behind the ears.

The test was a piece of cake.

She came right out of the blue.

Do you know the words, but don't understand the meaning? These short sentences use common American idioms. You will find idioms on television, in sports, at work, and at school.

Idioms are also one reason English can be a difficult language for many adults to learn. You have to learn common American idioms to really speak English in a natural


The good news is that studying idioms - even as an intermediate English student - can also be fun. We will go at a comfortable pace, learning idiom by idiom. In fact, each short lesson is built around a single common American idiom and its meaning. You will read a brief story of daily life, learn some vocabulary, write a few sentences, and ask and answer some conversation questions. The lively lessons encourage thinking and sharing in a relaxed atmosphere. Groups of lessons have been organized together in six units. The units go from easier to more difficult. You will get a chance to show your increased knowledge on unit quizzes too.

As you know, learning English is often the key to a better life today. These lessons will help you use more colorful English in your life. These lessons will also help you gain a better understanding of the English you hear around you and on television, learn more about American culture, and speak more like an American. Idiom by idiom, you will find speaking English less difficult and more fun. You might even find speaking English "a breeze".

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