Customers For Life - Apple's Formula to get More Raving Fans

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Customers For Life - Apple's Formula to get More Raving Fans

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Customers For Life - Apple's Formula to get More Raving Fans
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Take your marketing skills to the next level. Market your products or services the Apple way. Learn. Enjoy. Inspire.

A lot of people still keep asking: ?Why is Apple such a successful brand??

In order to answer this question, we should remember some of Steve Jobs key quotes, when he was just a young visionary:

?Marketing is about values. Its a complicated and noisy world, and were not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us.?

The key to Apples success is a combination of quality, innovation, and market strategies that were designed extremely carefully. They were so effective that Apple managed to reinvent products that were already available on the market, and got consumers to think they had never seen anything like them before.

Apples strategy involves selling their consumers a global package of dreams, personal experiences, and status, and it makes almost all other products go unnoticed if they dont carry the Apple logo.

Possibly the biggest thing Jobs did was turn customers into passionate advocates for the Apple brand.

Those people who line up outside Apple stores every time there's a new iPhone? Even when it's just an incremental improvement on the last iPhone? They're not there for the phone. They've come to show their support for the team, the way sports fans show up hours before a game wearing the team colors. Apple fans don't think of themselves as customers.

They feel as if they're part of a movement, a mission, something larger than themselves.

Like other iconic brands such as Harley Davidson, (the great motorcycle company that doesnt just sell bikes, but rather a subculture, and a lifestyle);

Apple users are advocates, sponsors, and fans of the brand. Weve seen it in the classic fight between designers: which is better for designing computer graphics, Mac or PC? IPhone users preach that its the only option for cellphones all the time, right?

Apple users are like evangelists who represent a way of thinking, a new generation, and a mission, something bigger than themselves. Theyre part of the team and understand the vision of the company.

Apple did not become successful by mere luck. Lead by the great visionary Steve Jobs, Apple always followed a system, methodology, a formula that predicts business and personal success. It works so well that if it is followed, it will pretty much guarantee a fundamental change in the way you manage your business.

This course was developed by using Apple and Steve Jobs formula. It is not a rocket science or difficult to follow. Actually it is a very simple but thorough method and process. If you follow the formula not only will your business soar, but it will give you the tools needed to gain personal success. The formula will give you the confidence of knowing exactly what is needed to succeed in your personal and business lives.

The lessons are not just comprised of theory, but it takes you through action steps and items that will help you take action as soon as possible to generate business results. If you follow the action items and apply yourself to the process, your business will be much more successful.

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