How to Build a Simple Three Bedroom Shipping Container House

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How to Build a Simple Three Bedroom Shipping Container House

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How to Build a Simple Three Bedroom Shipping Container House by Bill Hebner
English | ASIN: B00OIG2BYU | 2015 | EPUB | 83 pages | 7.79 MB

Architects in the western world spend their time creating "form", building that are not just buildings... they are an expression of art... When architects use shipping containers to build they are creating something cool... too cool for most of us that want a practical place to live.

Township people in Africa and other developing countries want "function". With whatever I can find, please just give me a place to be safe and to sleep out of the rain. Shipping containers used as homes this way are nothing but a box, and they can get hot, too hot....

But what if we could combine form and function into one space and build a practical shipping container house that is insulated, not hard on the eyes, and costs less than a modest car. Would that be just right?

We believe we have created this Goldie locks of shipping container houses. The Hebnerhouse is designed to be useful for most environments; the developing world, as a summer cabin or in-law suite, for the survivalist, or for the DIY builder that just wants to get away from overpriced and over designed spaces.

This book is a how to make it "Just right" with simple important things to keep in mind to make your simple home possible.

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