Christie Marie Sheldon - Wealth Consciousness Program

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Christie Marie Sheldon - Wealth Consciousness Program

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Christie Marie Sheldon - Wealth Consciousness Program
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The "Wealth Consciousness Program"
Embodying the Happiness, Wealth and Abundance You Deserve!
Tools F Living. That's What You Deserve!
I have added NEW TOOLS F CHANGING YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMS. So, even if you have completed any of my Wealth and Abundance classes, these tools are f you too.
Here is what you get:
11 New Embodying Wealth Techniques
Tool Number 1
False Histy be-gone. With this tool, you clear the way f you to bring in your new model of Wealth and Abundance.
Tool Number 2
Conscious Living. With this tool, you engage all of your senses so you can be aware of all your inner Gifts f
Tool Number 3
The Back Bone. With this tool, you change your ideas and false infmation about Wealth.
Tool Number 4
The Golden Keys. With this tool, you Open Dos that were shut to Wealth and Happiness.
Tool Number 5
The Numbering System. With this tool, you can start the manifesting process of changing the amount of Wealth you currently embody.
Tool Number 6
The Wealth Embodiment. With this tool, you start to re-member that the universe is always bringing you things, so why not bring in exactly your Model.
Tool Number 7
Getting the Grudge. With this tool, we clear the deep seeded embodied, wasteful, energy you have stopping your flow of Abundance.
Tool Number 8
The Choice of Abundance. With this tool, we clear the habits of making the same choices day in and day out that never bring you anything different.
Tool Number 9
God Only Knows. With this tool, we awaken your inner guidance system. Starting now, you take Guided Action.
Tool Number 10
You Know The Truth. With this tool, we take you on a Journey to release all the lies and misinfmation about
material wealth.
Tool Number 11
Money Magnet. With this tool, you remember how to attract the highest possibility f your life.

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