Beyond Psychoppression A Feminist Alternative Therapy

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Beyond Psychoppression A Feminist Alternative Therapy

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Beyond Psychoppression: A Feminist Alternative Therapy By Betty McLellan
English | ISBN: 1875559337 | 2003 | EPUB | 192 pages | 399 KB

A guide to therapy which explores the intersection between the personal and the political. Betty McLellan surveys the development of psychotherapy and discusses the theory of feminist therapy. She uncovers the oppressiveness of Freudian psychoanalysis, humanistic therapies, lesbian sex therapy, new age and popular psychologies. McLellan explodes myths about women's mental and emotional 'illness'. The book concludes with a feminist therapy that calls for total commitment to action in the world to meet women's needs, both individual and collective.

Translated into German by Frauenoffensive.

Author Note A psychotherapist with over 20 years experience, McLellan discusses the need for honesty in relationships. Throughout the book, the author speaks directly to women about the devastating effects on them of living every day with a man who is immature, insensitive and self-absorbed. Betty McLellan is the author of three books, Help I'm Living with a Man Boy, Beyond Psychoppression and Overcoming Anxiety.

About the Author
Betty McLellan is a feminist psychotherapist who works with both women and men in individual and couples counseling. She is the author of "Beyond Psychoppression "and "Overcoming Anxiety,"

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