Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong

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Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong

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Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong [1 PDF, 25 AVIs]
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Dragon and Tiger Qigong DVD and Book

Dragon and Tiger Qigong Book
In the manual, you will receive in-depth instruction on Dragon and Tiger Qigong's physical movements, energy mechanics and breathing techniques-with more than 650 detailed illustrations.

The Dragon and Tiger Qigong Manual is a perfect companion to the DVD.

Dragon and Tiger Qigong DVD
The DVD set breaks down each of the seven movements in great detail. A comprehensive menu system will allow you to refine any specific movement, or practice the entire set.

The first DVD is 88 minutes and the second DVD is 65 minutes for a total play time of 2 hours and 33 minutes.

Disc 1:

Introduction to Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong
Preliminary Energy Exercises (so you can begin to feel and move the chi/energy in your body)
Learning the 7 Movements of Dragon and Tiger Qigong

Disc 2:

Movement Transitions
Movement Refinements
Main Practice Set
Modified Practice Set
Advanced Set with Bruce Frantzis

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